Draft Day 2: This Time It’s Not Draft Day 1

With the 128th pick in the 2012 NHL Draft, the Minnesota Wild select…

(I would like to take a moment to thank Dan Chan of Hockey Wilderness for providing the most comprehensive information on the later round prospects I was able to find. I would not even be able to hope to write this article without him, especially because Louie Nanne stole the spotlight from the Strib. If you’re reading this and not his work, then shoot yourself. Or read his work. Whichever you find more palatable.)

After PWNing the world by taking Mathew “Matt Dumba the Awesome Hockey Player” Dumba, the Wild had six more picks to use to add talent to what is perhaps currently the best farm system in the NHL. Today the Wild weren’t exactly movers and shakers, staying pat for all six picks. Let’s take a quick look at Day 2 of the Wild’s draft: Continue reading