Draft Day 2: This Time It’s Not Draft Day 1

With the 128th pick in the 2012 NHL Draft, the Minnesota Wild select…

(I would like to take a moment to thank Dan Chan of Hockey Wilderness for providing the most comprehensive information on the later round prospects I was able to find. I would not even be able to hope to write this article without him, especially because Louie Nanne stole the spotlight from the Strib. If you’re reading this and not his work, then shoot yourself. Or read his work. Whichever you find more palatable.)

After PWNing the world by taking Mathew “Matt Dumba the Awesome Hockey Player” Dumba, the Wild had six more picks to use to add talent to what is perhaps currently the best farm system in the NHL. Today the Wild weren’t exactly movers and shakers, staying pat for all six picks. Let’s take a quick look at Day 2 of the Wild’s draft: Continue reading

Wild Draft Smart, Draft Dumba

Photo taken by Keith Srakrocic of the Associated Press.

Every year I fall in love with a prospect slated to go right around where the Wild pick. In 2010, I fell in love with a young man named Ryan Johanson, who the Blue Jackets picked up at #4, 5 picks before the Wild were picking. Though Johanson is one of the best prospects in the game, it should be noted that it didn’t work out to badly for the Wild, as Granlund is at the very least a player of Johanson’s caliber, if not more. Last year, I was all about Mika Zibanejad, who the Ottawa Senators snapped up at #6, 4 picks shy of the Wild’s pick. Again, Zibanejad is a top prospect, but Jonas Brodin isn’t too shabby himself.

This year, I had my flag planted towards Red Deer Rebels defenseman Mathew Dumba, a defensive prospect with amazing tools to go with nice leadership skills, and from what I’d been convinced (from people’s writing, not my own ocular observations) good hockey sense to boot. Of course, after disappointment I’ve had the last two years, I’ve told myself over and over again that Dumba would disappear between picks 4-6, with the confidence that the Wild’s scouting staff would snap up a good player regardless.

Thankfully, I was wrong. Continue reading

JLT’s Last Minute Minnesota Wild Draft Primer!

This image was taken from Pierre LeBrun of ESPN (@Real_ESPNLeBrun). All credit goes to him.

The draft is starting tonight, and the Wild have the #7 pick. So, let’s take a quick look at who the Wild can, might, and should pick. (For my alcohol-induced, llama infested mock draft, see here.)

I think at the very least, Yakupov, Murray, and Forsberg will be off the board by the time the Wild pick. But that leaves about 8 players that could be taken with #7, in my opinion, here’s a briefing of who they are, a case for and against picking them, and the chance I think the Wild would pick them. I will be listing them in order of my preference of the Wild calling their name tonight. Continue reading