May 2012 Prospect Rankings 4 – 1

So, this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The top prospects in the Minnesota Wild system. Don’t let me stop you from these rankings, check em out after the jump.

4. Johan Larsson- Center/Left Winger- Brynas (Elitserien- SWE)

2012 WJC: 6 Games; 0 Goals; 6 Assists

2011-2012 Elitserien: 49 Games; 12 Goals; 24 Assists

2012 Elitserien Playoffs: 16 Games; 2 Goals; 8 Assists

2012 World Championsips: 7 Games; 0 Goals; 2 Assists

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Sundays With Sid*: That Hockey Player Edition

Look, I know the newspaper columnist game. Pageviews, pageviews, pageviews. Is everybody looking at me? No? WELL THEN, WRITE A FLAMEPIECE ON OKLAHOMA!!! So, yeah, I might just be playing directly into their hands, but Michael (Not Mee-Kyle) Russo of the Star Tribune posted a link to long time Star Tribune columnist Sid Hartman “Going off on Granlund” on SidCast.

From the extensive amount of research I put into this article (watching this one SidCast twice), I can only deduce that SidCast consists of Chris Miller from the Star Tribune goading Sid into being ridiculous and curmudgeonly, and Sid taking the bait like a hungry walleye.

For your convenience, I have created a SidCast guide for today’s episode: “Don’t Compare Granlund to Rubio”. Continue reading

May 2012 Prospect Rankings: 7 – 5

I’m not getting cute today. You want your prospect rankings? Good, here they are, after the jump. I hope they blow your mind. Spoiler Alert: Mikael Granlund isn’t in these next three slots, but there’s still some good peoples who will be making an impact fairly soon.

Just remember, if you want to keep up with the happenings of this blog, follow Jacques Lemaire’s Trap @TonyWiseau on Twitter. I’m hilarious and insightful, and even if I’m not, I only post a few times a day.

But I’m tired and cranky, so that’s all I’m saying for now.

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May 2012 Prospect Rankings: Honorable Mention – 8

Yep, guys, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Superior Saturday (I’m the one that looks most like a bridge troll, the other two are my roommates, who got Cum Laude and Summa Cum Laude. I apparently just got cum.). As you might be able to imagine, a semester with three classes, two capstones, and a play doesn’t leave a lot of room for blogging. This is disappointing, because I was enjoying the process, enjoying putting out content, and enjoying the fact that there was some growth among the readership. Also, the Schultz, Zidlicky, Zanon trades, the end of a dreadful season, the merits of tanking, Zucker’s call-up, the beginnings of draft talk, and Anthony LaPanta making everyone angry were all really interesting topics that was worthy of discussion.

So, now that I’m back, we’re going to ramp up draft/free agency talk around here. So before we talk about the prospects we could get with the #7 pick, let’s take inventory of the prospects we already have. But first, let’s talk about the hot topic of the week, Granlund Watch.

It’s getting done. Granlund isn’t future Wild defenseman Justin Schultz. There’s nothing to be gained by this. He gets no money for re-entering the draft, and there’s not a desirable market he’d want to play in. Unless, of course, he wants to play in scenic Edmonton or Columbus.

So, for the first time since February, meet me after the jump. We’ll talk about some prospects.

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