Thoughts on the Erik Christensen Trade

Guess Who's Back?

I posted today. Don’t lie. You missed me. I missed you.

Let’s get back to business. Today Casey Wellman was traded to the New York Rangers for Erik Christensen and a conditional 7th round pick (Wild get the pick if Christensen leaves in free agency).

Casey Wellman might yet be a good player, but his time is running out, and his upside appears to be that of an AHL All-Star. Not an insult, by the way, as you have to be ridiculously good at hockey in order to become an All-Star at the AHL. But he hasn’t been consistent enough to merit Top-6 NHL duty, and isn’t enough of a grinder for the Bottom-6. And with the bullets the Wild have in their prospect gun, if Wellman was going to make himself expendable now, with so many injuries and none of the top forward prospects in the AHL level, he was always going to be expendable to the Wild. Continue reading