Chuck Fletcher in a Tough Spot

You really have to admire what Chuck Fletcher has done with his team. In two and a half years, he’s done what many GMs struggle to do: Rebuilding without bottoming out. Think of some of the best teams in the league: Pittsburgh, Washington, Chicago. All built with single digit draft picks. The young, up-and-comers in this league: Florida, Edmonton. Those teams built/are building by bottoming out.

Last offseason, Fletcher supplemented his 2010 draft effort (Granlund, Bulmer, Larsson, Zucker. Three WJC Captains. No big deal.) by gaining three high-end prospects in Brodin, Phillips, and Coyle. In addition, he traded for Dany Heatley and Devin Setoguchi, upgrading over Antti Miettinen and Andrew Brunette. Solid plan, right? Continue reading

Week of (My) Inactivity In Review: Lookin’ Kinda Bleak

I’ve been a shitty blogger.

I ended up taking an impromptu vacation that lasted almost a week. This happened for almost no good reason, except that I was trying to clean my apartment, a feat that didn’t get accomplished until yesterday, and I still have at least four containers of my things in the living/dining room, despite the fact that my room is as big, and maybe bigger, than the rooms of my other two roommates combined. So I’ve been a shitty roommate, too.

Speaking of shittiness, it’s been a rough go for the Wild recently. In addition to the punchless loss against Calgary, the Wild have been hit by bad news after bad news. Continue reading

Why You Heff To Be Mad?: Winter Classic Edition

So, the Winter Classic, huh?

In these parts, thems some dirty words. You see, to a lot of Minnesotan fans, the Winter Classic is a bastion of East Coast Bias. And these aren’t the same people that I roll my eyes at in a snobby fashion, there are a lot of people that I respect who feel slighted at the fact that Minnesota hasn’t yet been selected for participation in the Winter Classic, as the teams in Northeastern America continue to be the exclusive beneficiaries of this event.

Next year, it seems that it’s all but certain that the 2013 Winter Classic will be held in Detroit. And in that time, there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth. And I will have one question for Wild fans.

What did you expect? Continue reading

Optional Skate: NHL Hitz is Awesome and Needs to Make a Comeback

Welcome to my new feature, Optional Skate. You know, the one that I’ve promised for a month now and still haven’t delivered. This will be a reoccurring feature (I wanted it weekly, but A #1, I couldn’t stick to a day, and B #2, I don’t want to feel forced doing these) where I write about a topic that’s not the Minnesota Wild or NHL. And when I say “a topic”, I mean “Tim Tebow and/or Brett Favre”. Just kidding, but it will be about interests that lie outside of the world of hockey. I don’t expect everyone to be interested or care, and that’s fine, that’s why it’s optional. If you want to go and read some real hockey analysis, I won’t be offended in the slightest.

Do you already have NHL Hitz 20-03? Did you get it for Christmas? Did you get it for someone you love for Christmas?

If the answer to all three of these questions is “No.”, then congratulations! You’ve failed at life!

Why’s that? Because if you don’t own NHL Hitz 20-03, you don’t possess the greatest hockey video game ever made. No big deal.

Yes, NHL 94 fans, I said it, though your favorite game is second on this list. And how does it feel, NHL 12 fans? Yeah, it’s fancy graphics and labyrinthine controls can’t hold a candle to NHL Hitz. NHL Hitz’ easy to learn controls, combined with a challenging, fast, visceral game is what makes NHL Hitz the most fun hockey game, bar none. Continue reading